Reviewed by Timothy Dike
May 2013
The new Trumpeter 1/200 scale Bismarck is a massive kit and while the detail is pretty good overall, it screams for superdetailing. Enter Artwox Model with a new wood deck set to give it that ultimate detail. While some may chose to paint their decks, it will be hard to achieve the wood look you can get with this set.
The set consists of precut deck levels made for each deck section. They all feature laser etched planks with the detail locations etched onto the surface. Perhaps the most important detail is the one most overlooked, and that is the deck edge treatment with the border planks properly notched to interlock with the rows of horizontal planks. It is hard to see in the images, but it's there and I'm glad to see someone got it right. The sections should be easy to apply as they are basically peel and stick. Another plus for this set is the thinness of the wood. Click images
to enlarge
Enough chain is included to hang all your anchors from. This too will give your ship a more realistic appearance.
As if the wood deck wasn't enough, you also get a relief etched brass photo etch fret with mesh and grating as well as some weapons base rings. 
Instructions are a mix of diagrams and photos showing where everything goes. These seem to show everything well enough, but a few more pages with larger illustrations would have been nice. 
This is a great set to superdetail your Bismarck. The deck is very thin and easy to work with. Added chain and photo etch make this a great value for $74.95. If your going to build a large scale model, then you need to a detail set that is equally large. This set will really make your decks stand out on your Bismarck.
Freetime Hobbies carries the entire Artvox line of accessories. Check the site for more details.