Reviewed December 2016
by Chris Martens
Halland Class Destroyer Markings.
This set from Amphion provides you with the correct markings for the Halland Class Destroyers of the Royal Swedish Navy. Brief Wikipedia history: The Halland-class destroyers were two ships built for the Swedish Navy in the 1950s. Four ships were planned, but the second pair were canceled. These were general purpose ships with strong anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare armament. They were re-fitted in the 1960s and re-armed with Saab Robot 08 anti-shipping missiles. Both ships remained in service until the mid-late 1980s.
The decals are printed very clean and clear and seem to be very thin and of good quality. Since they appear to be thin they should provide that painted on look, but care must be taken since they could rip easily.
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Instructions are included in the way of a text placement guide.
These decals should prove to be an excellent addition for anyone building a 1/100 scale Halland class destroyer.

For ordering info see the Amphion page or email them for details.