1/100 Modern Royal Swedish Navy Decals


Reviewed March 2017
by Martin J Quinn
Amphion has released a set of large scale decals for minesweepers of the modern Royal Swedish Navy.   This set covers ships on the Älvsborg and Carlskrona classes in 1/100 scale. 
The decals include large shaded letters and numbers.  There are also ships names in a slivery grey covering three ships of the Älvsborg and Carlskrona classes:

 Älvsborg Class
Älvsborg (M 02)
Visborg (M 03)

Carlskrona Class
Carlskrona (M 04, later P 04). 

The instructions are a single piece of paper, showing a line drawing of the HMS Carlskrona, showing the locations of the markings, and instructions on where to apply the decals. 

The decals are thin, well printed, and will be an great addition for those building large scale models of the Älvsborg and Carlskrona classes of minesweepers. 

This is set AMP-0008, Modern Royal Navy Markings, Minelayers of Älvsborg and Carlskrona classes - 1/100.   For ordering info see the Amphion page or email them for details. 


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