Reviewed April 2015
by Timothy Dike
If your building a Modern Swedish Navy large scale (1/96-1/100) Spica Class boat then you need to know about Amphion and their new line of decals. This first set is specifically made for the Royal Swedish Navy Spica Class boats.
 The decals include shaded hull numbers with numbers to produce all six ships in the class. The smaller white numbers are for the upper corners of the transom. Ship names are also supplied in silver. These were placed on either side of the deckhouse. 
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The instructions are a single page showing a line drawing of the ship with notes on where to apply the decals. 
These decals are sharply printed and a perfect match for the Spica class.

This is set #AMP-D0001 available now. For ordering info see the Amphion Facebook page or email them for details.