US Navy Camouflage Colors 2

Reviewed November 2016
by Timothy Dike
AK Interactive has been producing tutorials and weathering accessories for modelers for quite some time.  They recently expanded their line with this follow-up set of U.S. Navy World War Two camouflage acrylic colors #2. This set builds on the first set

The set includes six of the most commonly used camouflage colors.  They are:

  • AK5021 Dark Gray 5D
  • AK5022 Pale Gray 5P
  • AK5023 Standard Navy Gray 5
  • AK5024 Flight Deck Blue 21
  • AK5025 Neutral Haze Gray
The colors appear to match my old Snyder and Short paint chips adjusted slightly for scale affect.
The colors can be hand brushed or airbrushed and appear to use finely ground pigment that should help eliminate airbrush clogging.  Cleanup is rather simple with plain tap water. The colors come in easy pour bottles that are ideal for controlling how much paint you use.
I'm very glad AK Interactive is expanding it's line of acrylic colors to cover more of the US Navy colors. These colors are ready to use right out of the bottle without the nasty fumes and cleanup. The easy pour tip allows you to apply a drop or two to the color cup on your airbrush for those small projects without a big hassle.

This is set #AK5020 Naval Paint Sets, Real Color Set 2 with a list price of 13,20 € or about 14.50 US at today's exchange rate.