Reviewed September 2017
by Timothy Dike
AK Interactive has been producing tutorials and weathering accessories for modelers for quite some time. Here are some new products designed to help you create dioramas and seascapes. These precolored gels and textures are ready to use, are non toxic and can be thinned and cleaned up with water.
AK8004 Water Gel Pacific Blue 250ML for 8,95€ or $10.67 US.

This gel is designed to simulate the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  It's best to apply it over a painted surface to give it the appearance of depth.  It is tinted and can be applied right out of the container or thinned to let it flow easier.  The perfect material for 1/700 and 1/350 seascapes 

AK8007 Water Gel Effects 100ML for 5,95€ or $7.09 US

If you want to create moving water like wakes this the best material.  The gel is thick and tacky enough to hold its shape so you can form waves.  It is also useful for simulating fast flowing water like a rapids and waterfalls.  The gel has a foamy white appearance.  It too can be thinned if desired. 

 AK8014 Concrete Texture 250ML for 8,95€ or $10.67 US. 

This concrete texture is like a plaster that you paint on.  It has the appearance of concrete and is ideal for roads and docks.  You can also thin it the or leave it thick so that it can be sculpted and shaped. 

There are a lot of modelers who are like mixing their own scenic supplies. For those I would say keep doing what your doing. For those who are not comfortable mixing up the various materials and guessing what will work best this is for you. This product will give you professional results right from the container. Now you can display your ships in professional appearing seascapes like the masters but without the mess!

Be sure to check out the many ready to use Scenic effects on AK Interactives website