Reviewed April 2013
by Timothy Dike
If your a fan of extreme weathering, then AK Interactive has a  DVD that illustrates how to do it. The features the narration of Iain Hamilton who has clearly describes the various weathering techniques of Mig Jimenez. The video shows step by step each process divided up into chapters. A professional soundtrack gives some background noise for the periods between the narration. 
The DVD features the ships of Fran Romero who has become quite proficient at the techniques described here. Fran's ships are professionally built and provide an excellent platform for the weathering. The Prinz Eugen is the subject of the first four chapters. Beginning in chapter five a Destroyer gets some bomb damage along with intense paint chipping. Chapter six describes some special effects to bring out the details such as metal object on a ship, and grease stains around machinery. . 

While this DVD illustrates extreme weathering, you can practice it in moderation for more subtle effects. These techniques are not exclusive to German ships, they can be applied to ships of any Navy. My DVD is in PAL format which means it wont play in your American DVD player, but should work just fine on your computer. You can also order the DVD in NTSC format here.   Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, and Polish.