Reviewed by Timothy Dike
June 2015
3D printing is making it easier to bring new parts to market. 3D Model Parts is on a roll and one new release is their Mk37 and Mk51 gun directors. 
 Safely packed in a clear tube is two wafers with four Mk37 directors suitable for 1942-45 destroyers, cruisers, battleships and carriers with 5" 38 cal. guns. Note: these are not correct for any dd's before the Fletcher class. You would find them on Fletcher's, Sumner's, and Gearing's. A later version is also available with the copula.

There are also sixteen Mk51 gun directors used to control the 40 mm gun mounts. Both directors are nicely shaped and feature fine detailing. They are much nicer than their plastic counterparts now found on most kits. 

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A single page showing the parts with notes on building and painting is included.
These parts will allow you to upgrade your 700 scale US Navy fleet. All too often, plastic kit manufactures oversimplify these items or leave them out of their kit entirely. Now your ships can effectively return fire on their targets with these superior directors.

This is #U713 1/700 Mk 37 Gun Directors (Early) 4X and Mk 51 Directors x 16 for $5.95. They are available direct from 3D Model Parts.