Royal Canadian Corvette Camouflage 1941-45
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Keith Butterly of Warship Books has compiled a new CD on Canadian Corvette Camouflage. This handy CD contains documentation and photo's that will help you in your quest for information. There are nice drawings and color profiles included some by Bob Pearson. The images of the Vette's are extreamly high quality and are print quality. There is a 4 Page letter from Peter Scott on the application of the Western Approaches Camouflage scheme 8 photos, 4 in colour 15 Offcial RCN camouflage documents General Arangement drawings of HMC Ships Forest Hill and Wetaskiwin by John Lambert.
This CD retails for $20 US and 25CND and is available direct from Warship Books. My only complaint is the lack of a menu to navigate to the various images and documents on the CD. It would be better to compile the info into a common format that can be read on all computers such as the Adobe PDF format.

Special thanks to Keith Butterley of Warship Books for the review copy. Check out their supply of warship books and refernce material.