UBOOTWAFFE 1939-1945
By Waldemar Trojca

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
New from Waldemar Trojca is this bible of U-Boat warfare UBootwaffe 1939-1945. This English language Hard cover book has 614 pages filled with 792 black and white photographs, and 46 pages in color. The illustrations cover all aspects of the German Submarine program, from the big fleet boats to the small one man types. The history and design and development of each type is well covered. As are the facilities and support craft.  Even the enemy sub hunters are well documented.

There are 100 stunning color  profiles and 3D renderings. Some are large format fold out drawings. These illustrations are amazing and are very photo realistic. They simply have to be seen to be appreciated. Anyone building a scale model U-boat will appreciate this book. 

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The book also comes with several folded maps with marked locations of all sunken u-boots and allied ships. Scale rulers with help you get your bearings on the map.
If you are a U-boat or German Navy enthusiast, then this book is a must have. I don't consider myself a U-boat expert, but I now have at my fingertips just about everything you ever wanted to know about them. I highly recommend this book. This is item # MHTT 20 Waldemar Trojca Books UBootwaffe 1939-1945 by Waldemar Trojca   available from Airconnection for  $99.99 USD / $124.99 CDN while that might seem pricey at first, this book is well worth it. Check their website for the latest in books from other European sources.

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