Third Savo
Battle at Guadalcanal
by Turner Publishing
Those of you that know me, know that I am fascinated by the battles that took place in and around Guadalcanal during the latter half of 1942 and early 43. Especially the third battle of Guadalcanal that occurred on Friday the 13th, in November 1942 has always captured my attention. So I will go out of my way to get my hands on any books that deal with that crucial period of history. Naturally when I saw this title I bought it.

This book wasn't exactly what I expected, it is not a single account of the battle, but rather a collection of recollections of many of the memories of those who participated in it. While I found the stories interesting and at times fascinating, they are not tied together so you jump from ship to ship and story to story. In the back of the book there are a number of biographies of those that were on the various ships that sailed into action on that day.

One thing the book does have are a number of original photo's that I have not seen in print anywhere else. The cover shot is also included in the book is of the USS Laffey, another similar photo is the only good photo I've seen of the USS Monssen in her MS-12 mod colors. 

If you enjoy a collection of personal recollections of some of the actual witnesses then you will enjoy this book. If you are looking for an authoritative account of that action, then you will be disappointed. I've been told this book is now out of print, but it still shows up on a few book lists that I receive.

The book is about 112 pages in 6" X 9" hard bound format for $19.97 US.