Pearl Harbor Betrayed
The True Story of a Man and a Nation under Attack
By Michael Gannon
There has been much written on Pearl Harbor especially with the recent movie coming out. Michael Gannon the author of Black May has taken a somewhat different look at the attack. There has been quite a bit of information released since the surprise attack some 60 years ago. Some of the accounts border on conspiracy theories and others portray the Pacific fleet as a bunch of bumbling fools. 

This book addresses though misconceptions by showing what was really happening on all sides. It wasn't long after the tragedy that the finger pointing began and one of the scapegoats became Admiral Kimmel. I must confess that I had always thought that there was so much more could have been done on the Islands to defend against such an attack, but after reading about some of the crucial information that was withheld I can't help but feel that Kimmel and Short were treated unfairly.

Japanese thinking and strategy is covered, with insight into Yamato's war plans, as well as what we really knew about their intentions. We are given background on the super secret code intercepts that were deemed so sensitive that even our front line commanders were not given the benefit of that information for fear of compromising what we knew. All in all an enlightening read that makes one wonder whether Admiral Kimmel should be exonerated.

The book is about 320 pages and 6 1/8 x 9 1/4, there are  40 B&W illustrations and the book lists for $26.00 US.
 The Publisher's website Henry Holt & Company, LLC

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