In Harms Way

The sinking of the USS Indianapolis
And the Extraordinary Story of its survivors

By Doug Stanton

There has been a lot of interest in the USS Indianapolis lately. Especially with the recent deep sea searches and controversy surrounding the court martial of Captain McVay and his recent exoneration. 

This book is the story of her last voyage, it's not a political commentary, but rather the story of the sailors that survived the ordeal. We are personally introduced to some of the key players and get to tag along as the Indy sets out with her "Top Secret" cargo, the Atomic Bomb. After delivering her precious cargo they set out on their last voyage, one that would be the last for many of her crew. Put your self in Captian McVays shoes and see what you could have done.

The author attempts to unravel some of the mystery of how such a tragedy could happen, and then go unnoticed for so long. The book is told from the sailors perspective and at times is a little too much legend and not enough fact for my taste. For instance I'm pretty sure that the Indy wouldn't capsize if all nine main guns were fired at the same time! But I'm sure that is what some crew members believed. Some technical details like that have crept into the book and taken as fact, but those details are easily overlooked. Especially when you look at the personal side of life and death onboard the Indy. When I read it, I felt like a member of the crew and when they went overboard I gained a new respect for those who go In Harms Way.

It is a fascinating story, one that must be told. Anyone who wants to try to get a understanding of why it happened will want to read this book. There are over 300 pages with quite a few photo's  of the ship and crew. There is a map showing where she was lost and the position of some of the surrounding ships. Also included is a drawing of the ship showing where the torpedo's hit.

FSB Associates maintains and informative website about this book. It includes excerpts form the book and some of the latest news about the Indy. Check it out in the links section below


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