Of Ice and Steel
A novel by D. Clayton Meadows
Here's a new Naval themed novel for you undersea warfare nuts. The setting is unique tale of submarine warfare with a science fiction twist. Imagine a German U-boat emerging from a state of suspended animation oblivious to the changes the world has undergone in the last 50 years. Anxious to return home, they must thread their way though the American and Russian naval forces. The latter are on the verge of war after a revolution in Russia sparks a return to the tension of the cold war years. A U-boat crew still acting on orders given during world war two still thinks they are at war with the other nations and as ships start to disappear in the Atlantic, the two superpowers start blaming each other. On the brink of global nuclear war, one man who discovers the truth, and must try to convince the two superpowers to unite to find and stop this former adversary before the world stumbles into a new world war.

The hero of the book is a ship modeler. The author, Clayton Meadows is a veteran of  22 years and has spent most of that time on submarines. He writes from a submariners point of view and  knows his way around them. He is also a professional model builder which should endear him to readers of this site! This book is to be made into a movie soon.

You can purchase a signed copy of this book via the Of Ice and Steel" website for $20 US. Images of the the authors models and boats he served on are also on the site.

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