German Pocket Battleships
by Roger Chesenau
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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The first section of the book deals with the Design history of the so called Pocket Battleships. It gives a good overview of these unique ships and their individual histories.

The next sections is written specifically with the modeler in mind. The various kits offered of this class are featured in a variety of scales. There are pictures and kit content photo's of each one. They are good overall views but are somewhat lacking in the close-up details views. They do give you a good overview of the kits and the differences between them.

Another feature of the book is the Modelers Showcase where many examples of build up are shown. Here you will see some of the above mentioned models built up as well as some stunning scratch built versions. Some of these photo's are not that great as they look like they were taken with low resolution camera's. Fine for the web, but not up to printed standards.

Camouflage design drawings are shown in color to give you an idea of how to paint your particular ship.

Probably one of the most important sections the differences in the classes is well covered.

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 Ship craft 1 - German Pocket Battleships by Roger Chesneau is available from  Chatham Publishing on their website for   £14.99.