Fighting Boats for a Fighting Navy
Black & White and Color Collections
by Patrick Matthews
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Have you ever gone trough old National Geographic or Life magazines and seen the old advertisements supporting the war efforts? Well Patrick Matthews has and he has self published a book featuring everything he could find pertaining to PT-Boats in two very nice volumes. The first features over 200 ads in Black & White. The ads include manufacturers such as boat makers Higgins boats, and Elco. Companies that supported the war effort were eager to have their name associated with these boats whether they made the engines, or supplied the lead for the pencils. Many of the ads include dramatic in-action shots dramatizing the role the PT-Boat played in the war. The ads are all presented in gray scale including several ads that originally ran in color. Patrick has added captions with notes about the date these ran and the story behind what is presented. 
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This supplemental book features the full color ads reproduced in all their glory. This book has only 35 pages but the color makes it a great value. I hate to see a good book cut up, but some of these ads would look great framed and hanging in the modeling room. The ads must have been an inspiration to many young modelers during the war years. 

A nostalgic trip down memory lane and a fascinating look at the war effort from the perspective of those who watched from the sidelines. 

These books are available for $24.95 each from the National WW2 Museum Store in New Orleans. click the links below to purchase. 

They should also be available on the Publishers site or for the same amount.  However the author recommends getting the book from the museum where your money supports the educational mission of The National WWII Museum.