Warship Pictorial 46 - USS New Jersey BB-62
by Steve Wiper

Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
February 2019

Classic Warship Publishing has released a new book, the 46th in it's Warship Pictorial line. This one focuses on the battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62), the longest serving and most decorated battleship in the history of the United States Navy. In 2001, Classic Warship Publishing released a pictorial on the New Jersey, #16. This revised 2018 edition has 8 additional pages and more photos, including color photos on the end pages, that the original edition did not have (hence the new designation as pictorial 46). 
This book features 72 pages, with over 115 images - including many in color - of the "Black Dragon". The photos span the history of New Jersey, from keel laying in September, 1940, to final decommissioning in February, 1991. 

The book is laid out familiar Classic Warship fashion, starting with a general history of the "Big J", followed by the photographs, which are mostly in chronological order. The photos show New Jersey during World War II, Korea, Vietnam and finally in her 1980's reactivation guise. 

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As with most Warship Pictorials, the photo selection is varied and of high quality, with lots of detail shots. 

Another good book from Classic Warships Publishing, especially for fans of the Iowa class in general, and in particular, the legendary "Black Dragon", USS New Jersey.

This is Warship Pictorial 46 - USS New Jersey BB-62. Published by Classic Warships Publishing ISBN 978-0-9969199-4-4. Price is $18.00 US retail and it is available direct from one of the vendors listed on the Classic Warships website

Thanks to Classic Warships for the review sample. 


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