Warship Pictorial #37
RM Roma

Reviewed by Sean Hert

The Classic Warships's series Warship Pictorial is out with the latest volume- #37!- on the Italian Battleship RM (Regia Marina) Roma.

As with previous volumes, this book follows the standard format- a textual general history, followed by well-captioned photos in loose chronological order; the photos span from Roma's launch to her death from German guided glide bombs- the "Fritz X", or FX-1400. The last pages are the general characteristics of Roma, and a page of references and acknowledgements.

Scans are reduced quality.
Like all of Classic Warship's offerings, Steve Wiper knows what modelers like to see, reference-wise, and selects images to meet those needs.

This book is a great photo reference for Roma, and has some useful images of Roma's sister battleships as well. This book is an excellent value and will make a great addition to any warship reference library. Next up; IJN Nagato!

Warship Pictorial #37 IJN Takao Class Cruisers ISBN-13: 978-0-9823583-8-2. Price is $18.00. For a list of vendors that carry the Warship Pictorial series see the Classic Warships website.

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