Warship Pictorial 36 - Kreigsmarine Scharnhorst
by Steve Wiper
Classic Warships Books
reviewed by Timothy Dike and Sean Hert

Classic Warship's latest offering- Warship Pictorial #36!- concerns the Deutsche Kriegsmarine Scharnhorst. This 72 page volume has the usual excellent coverage we have learned to expect, with many rarely seen photos, close up shots, and even some color images.

The book not only has good photos, but the captions are little nuggets of well-researched information. From explaining the German habit of referring to warships as "he" instead of the typical "she", to pointing out particular details in the photos, it is almost always worth reading the relevant captions. Each photo is also worthy of close examination; there are interesting details easily missed.

The color images are a nice and unexpected bonus in this book. While the subject of this book is the Scharnhorst, there are plenty of images of equipment and gear that would serve as a reference for the German Navy in World War Two, but no line drawings of the ship, weapons or equipment.

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This volume also includes color illustrations from Robert McCune, the CAD designer of the Dragon 1/350 Scharnhorst released in 2010.


Steve Wiper's Classic Warships never fails to deliver something special with his Warship Pictorial series. The quality of the photos provided, coupled with the relative scarity of orginal source photos of German warships from this time period make this another "must have" book. Next up from Classic Warships #37 USS Arizona BB-39.

This is Warship Pictorial #36 Kreigsmarine Scharnhorst by Steve Wiper. Published by Classic Warships Publishing ISBN 978-0-9823583-7-5. Price is $18.00 US retail and it is available direct of from one of their vendors listed on the Classic Warships website. Grab your copy now before this one sells out.

Thanks to Classic Warships for providing this review copy.


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