Classic Warships Books
reviewed by Timothy Dike
Classic Warships is back with another Warship Pictorial. This one by Steve Wiper covers the Japanese Takao class cruisers of WW2. The book features stunning photos, and drawings of the IJN cruisers from their construction to their end. 
The photos are a mix of war time photos and detail shots that show off important features of the ships. Many of these photos I have never seen before in print. The photos are captioned to highlight the details shown. The drawings are detailed and include plan and profiles of the Takao, Atago, Maya and Chokai. The drawings are detailed and some even include hull lines. click to
enlarge images
There are weapons drawings, and views of the various float planes that were carried. In addition there is a section on the history and record of movement for each ship. 
This book is a must have for the Japanese historian and modeler. It is an excellent resource and an education on this class in a handy soft cover reference book.  All in a  8-1/4" x 11" soft book format. With a retail price of $17.95 US this book is an excellent value and a great addition to your Warship reference library. For a list of vendors that carry the Warship Pictorial series see the Classic Warships website.

Warship Pictorial #30 IJN Takao Class Cruisers ISBN 0-9745687-9-1