Warship Pictorial #16
USS New Jersey BB-62

by Steve Wiper of Classic Warships
This new book by Classic Warships is a photo Album of the Battleship New Jersey. It covers her from her building, her shakedown cruise, and the many modifications she had through three major wars, right up to her end. When I first heard of this book on the New Jersey, I though "not another Iowa Class BB book". Just when you think you've seen it all out comes another Classic Warships book!. I have several good reference books on Battleships, but none of them gives you as good a look at this ship as this one.
The photo's are sharp and clear and show the ship in all phases of it's life. They clearly show the details that made the New Jersey unique from here other sisters. The photo's are all well captioned and some have extra notes pointing to important details.
Question: what type of bridge did the New Jersey have? Answer: It depends on what time period you are talking about. Note the first photo with an open bridge, and the one on the right with the round bridge and yet later with the square bridge as seen in the other photo's below.
There is a plenty of color in this book, even some rare color shots her during the second world war. There are all kinds of detail shots showing her operating her seaplanes and various helicopters.
Note the side by side views showing the differences a few years can make. There are quite a few photo's of this type in this book.
I had a hard time deciding which photo's to include in this review as their are so many great shots to show you. There is everything from close ups of the weapons, radar's, UNREP gear, to in action shots showing the big guns in action. 


An excellent photographic history of the New Jersey, filled with great detail photo's and a must have for the historian or modeler who wants an in depth look at this fantastic ship. This book is 64 pages (56 in black & white, 8 in color) 96 black & white photos 14 color photos 4 pages of history 4 pages of statistics in a 8-1/4" x 11" format.


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