Warship Pictorial #11
Lexington Class Carriers

by Steve Wiper of Classic Warships
This much anticipated photo album on the Lexington and Saratoga, is probably the one book that modelers and historians have been waiting for. There has been very little photo documentation on the Lexington during her short career,, but now thanks to Steve Wiper's tireless research we now have access to some fascinating photo's that I've never seen before in print.  The photo's are all well documented and captioned with an explanation of the points of interest that each one shows. 
The Lexington is covered from her early prewar days, complete with her biplane air wing, to her final configuration before her lose at the Battle of the Coral Sea. The photo's as usual are of the highest quality. I found the sequence of photo's documenting the removal of the four eight inch turrets fascinating. While there is still no clear photographic evidence of the Lexington's 1.1 inch armament, Steve has enhanced the existing photo's and provided a scan of official US Navy documents that describe the placement of the 20 mm and 1.1 mm anti aircraft guns.
The Saratoga is also covered throughout her career, including the early years and a large number of photo's documenting her refits that saw her eight inch guns replaced with five inch twin turrets. Saratoga's career was much better documented with many detailed photographs showing the various items added. 
Packed within this 8-1/4" x 11" soft book are some of the best new material that I've seen. There are over 120 photo's in 72 pages. There is a history of each ship as well as general statistics. An armament summary that also includes the aircraft operated at various periods in their careers makes this a fantastic resource for the historian or modeler, I highly recommend this book!


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