Warship Pictorial #9
Yorktown Class Carriers

by Steve Wiper of Classic Warships
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
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For those of you that are wanting to build the USS Yorktown, Enterprise, or Hornet, this "photo album" is for you, it is full of detailed photographs that trace the lives of the three ships through their prewar years to their demise. The photographs are high quality and arranged from prewar images to the last images of each ship. According to the author these books are commonly misconstrued as "being for modelers", when in fact, they are for anyone interested in a visual history of ships, or a particular ship.
The book begins with an overview of the Yorktown's and there is a short history of each ship. The photo's are well captioned, with the important features in each photo explained. There is also a little background information provided that helps the reader understand what is being presented. This book is geared towards the modeler, not only pointing out the details but explaining what they are and when they were added or removed. Camouflage measures are described, with the time frame noted..
The pictures range from yard photo's taken while each ship was in for refit, to in action shots taken during the battles that all three ships engages in. Most of the photo's, I have not seen published before. the ones I have seen before are of even higher quality in this book. The close up shots of the various fittings are pretty revealing, and you will even find some great hanger deck shots should you be inclined to detail the interior of your ship.
The aircraft that served aboard the three ships are covered as well. The years they entered service and were replace is noted, as well as their specifications. The General Statistics of the ships are covered in the back of the book, with Air Group and Squadron info presented for easy reference.
This 8-1/4" x 11" soft book has 64 pages and well over 100 photo's. This book is a must have for anyone interested in any of these three carriers, whether you wish to model it, or just are fascinated with the ships, it definitely belongs on your book shelf!

Special thanks to Keith Butterley of Warship Books for the review copy. Keith carries a full line of Classic Warships books as well as just about any Warship related book you need.


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