Warship Pictorial #4
USS Texas BB-35

by Steve Wiper of Classic Warships
illustrations by Tom Flowers
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Texas was one of the oldest active Battleships to serve in World War 2. She was commissioned in time to serve in World War 1, and underwent many changes over the course of her career before finally being preserved in her namesake state of Texas. Steve Wiper has captured the story of her storied career in numerous photo's drawings and plans in this forth book of the Warship Pictorial series.
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There are 48 excellent photo's of her showing many different configurations from her building to her rebuilding and refitting. She is shown with her early cage mast and her later tripod mast. The photo's are all extremely clear and sharp, some showing her during refits that she went though. They are captioned with appropriate descriptions of what each one illustrates as well.
There are camouflage design drawings of the Texas in her many appearances, some with color references such as the one shown on the right. 
This book has quite a number of drawings such as this 1/350 center fold half of which is shown on the right. One fascinating illustration is the plan views of her 1914 and 1945 appearance. It give you an idea as to the changes this ship underwent in her career. Notice the antiaircraft guns spotted all over her deck!
The Revised Texas book has the following additions:

1   Corrected textual content.
2   One additional black & white photo.
3   Four color photos from April-May 1941.
4   One complete set of "Booklet of General Plans" drawings 1934.
5   One entire page of drawings and text devoted to the ship's boats.
6   3in/50cal single AA mount drawing.
7   12ft Rangefinder four view drawing.
8   1.1in quad AA mount drawing.
9   40mm quad AA mount drawing.
10  20mm single AA mount drawing.
11  USN Life Raft drawing and size chart.

Warship Pictorial 4 - USS Texas BB-35 will be available in July.

In addition to all the photo's and drawings the operational history of the Texas is documented from her building to her final preservation as a museum ship. General statistics and armament summary are provided for each year that a significant change was made.
This book has been out for a while and was out of print. It is back now and with more photo's and information than before. Whether you are a history buff or a modeler you will want to add this book to your library. The photo's and drawings are great and the price is right at only $13.95 retail.  I hope to see more of these great books revised and brought back. Don't wait for this one to go out of print, get your copy now.

This 8-1/4" x 11" soft book has 56 pages over 50 photo's and 13 drawings.


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