Warship Pictorial #2
USS Minneapolis CA-36

by Steve Wiper of Classic Warships
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Minneapolis was a member of the New Orleans Class of Heavy Cruiser. She earned 17 battle star for her service during the war. She was very active during the war and this book covers it all. 
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Photo coverage is very thorough, with great shots of her prewar days, including her launching. Besides the photo's there is a rundown of her career from the date she was ordered to her scrapping. General Statistics are provided as well.
The Minnie had a storied career, she was there at Guadalcanal when it was invaded, helped save the Saratoga by taking her in tow when she was torpedoed while supporting the Guadalcanal forces. Perhaps the most dramatic point in her career came at Tassafaronga when she lost her bow due to a long lance torpedo. You can almost follow along through the fantastic photo's of her temporary repairs, to her radical new appearance after she finally made it home.
This book has quite a number of drawings such as this 1/700 scale drawing of her as she appeared at the Battle of the Eastern Solomon's in August 1942. In addition to this drawing you will also find:
  • A map showing the Guadalcanal region
  • A fully rendered 1/350 scale plan and elevation in MS 11 as of Aug. 42
  • 1/350 rendered cross section views at five locations (half shown at right)
  • Deck level plan views from the main deck to the MK 33 director level
  • 1/350 fully rendered plan and elevation in MS 8 as of Oct. 43
  • 1/350 fully rendered plan and elevation in MS 22 as June 45
  • 1/700 plan and elevation of the Minneapolis in her final configuration of June 45 
Compare the photo on the right and the prewar photo above, and you will get an idea of the changes this ship had during here career. This book does a great job of tracing that career.
This book has been out for a while but it is still a great value. The photo's and drawings are great and the price is right at only $11.95 retail. 

This 8-1/4" x 11" soft book has 56 pages about 38 photo's and 8 drawings. 


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