Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Warship Modeler #5 is out and this issue is continues the trend of high quality photo's and features. Here is a look at what's contained within the pages.........
On the cover is Wally Bigalow's stunning USS Intrepid using the Trumpeter Essex. This ship is also the subject of a build feature later in the issue. 

This is also the subject of a feature with more photo's. Another great feature is the IJN Kirishima in 1/350 scale built by CJ Parker. The photo's are much better than what is reproduced here, but these will give you an idea of what you get with this magazine. 

On the right is a sample of the centerfold featuring the Russian Cruiser Bayan. These plans show the ship in her 1903 fit and include some really nice detail that will help you in building a better ship.

Another set of plans features the HMS Berwick shown in plan and profile with deck levels. There are three different versions showing 1941, 42, and 43. A record of refits, and changes that the ship underwent is included.

I love detailed equipment drawings and these showing the US Navy 3" Automatic cannons are awesome. These are just a sample of the views. These will really come in handy if you are building any post WW2 ships, or even detailing the JD Productions 1/96 metal kit

Classic Warships Photo Album features some old cage masts, and there is even a section on the Indianapolis Camo with photo's and color camouflage drawings showing both sides and the plan view.

There are also plenty of great ship product reviews of many of the latest kits, accessories, and books on the market. Industry news and rumors are also addressed. You can also find companies that produce ship products, as all the best ones are advertising in this magazine.

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This is a must have magazine for the ship modeler, written by a Warship Modeler for Warship Modelers! 

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