Warship Modeler Magazine #3

by Timothy Dike
Warship Modeler #3 is out. Here is a look at what's contained within the pages. The first issues were very good, and this next one is no disappointment. It is filled with reviews, photos, and plenty of nice detail drawings.
On the cover is Harry Ohanian's 1/200 Yamato, also featured in the gallery section. Columns like "The Scuttlebutt" discuss future kits releases and industry rumors.

3D Computer Modeling by Thomas Schmid deals with a virtual Bismarck. This is the same artist that did the illustrations for the Classic Warships Bismarck book. The art is photo realistic and stunning.

Steve does some Plastic Kit reviews such as the Revell 1/720 Intrepid, Italeria 1/720 Ronald Reagan, Tamiya 1/700 Missouri, Midship 1/700  Cleveland's, Trumpeter 1/350 CV-2 Lexington, 1/144 Seawolf, and 1/35 LCM Landing Craft.

Resin kit reviews include the HP 1/700 Arkansas, Loose Cannon 1/700 Landing Craft, and a really nice review on the White Ensign Models 1/700 Renown.

There are several pages of Model Accessory reviews including: Gold Models 1/700 New Jersey fitting set, Tom's Modelworks 1/350 F-14, Nimitiz Aircraft details, CV-2 Detail set, and Trumpeters 1/350 A-6 Intruder.

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Historic Drawing preview includes a detailed plan and profile of the 20 mm Mk 10 mount.

Italian Royal Navy Battleship Littoria drawings as fitted in 1940 are very well drawn and extensive. Plan and Elevation views with section views with interior details are included as are hull lines. 

A Model Gallery section features John Ficklen's 1/96 USS Ward as APD-16. There are 20 sharp pictures with several in full color of this amazing build. 

The Yamato on the cover is also featured with numerous high quality color photo's that show the fantastic detail of this model.

My favorite feature is a column by Lester Abbey of New Zealand. Lester gives us an insightful rundown of the history of waterline ship modeling with what available for each country. My only complaint, is that we need to see more pictures!

There are photo features of the USS Boxer LHD-4, and a couple photos of  the torpedo hit on the USS Wasp.

A page from the scrap book shows the USS Texas in sharp color flying a number of flags.

There are book reviews on several warship books including Warship Perspectives Ticonderoga book, Squadrons German Battleships and German Cruisers, as well as Hostages to Fortune, and the Battlecruiser Hood.

US Navy Camouflage in color photographs includes some stunning photo's in rich color of a variety of subjects. These should inspire some discussion among the color controversy nuts.


I have mentioned the benefits of high quality photo reproduction in previous reviews of this magazine. The same is true of this issue, but the real plus is the focus on kit and accessory reviews. This is what I liked about the former Plastic Ship Modeler magazine, but the image quality was not there. Model Ship Journal came along later with better image quality but suffered from minimal ship review material. Now we have the best of both worlds. Now that publisher Steve Wiper has sold off his resin ship business, we can expect better things to come in the form of his publications.

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