Kreigsmarine Battleship Scharnhorst 1/100 plan sets by Rob McCune cover art
As many of you  Rob McCune recently completed some 3D CAD drawings of the Scharnhorst in her 1943 configuration.  These drawings will be used by Dragon Models to produce a 1/350 scale model of the ship. Having spent a great deal of time creating these drawings, Rob decided to help fill the void for large scale drawings. There are some drawings currently out there, but they are not as accurate and do not have the benefit of the latest research. This new set drawn in 1/100 with details in 1/50 are about the nicest set of plans now on the market. 

The set will be sold as a basic and advanced set both for $35.00 ea. 

This sheet has the traditional elevation views of the starboard and bow elevations. Two auxilary views in 1/200 scale showing the starboard side of the ship at an angle. These are very detailed as you can see by the closeups below.
The second sheet has the port side and stern elevation and the other two auxiliary 1/200 scale views of the port side. The ship is shown fully rigged in the drawings so this will be a help if you decide to add this to your model.
Hull lines, plan view, and deck levels are included on this sheet. These are very well drawn and are the deck levels help make it clear where the weapons and fittings go.
Advanced Set included the following extra three sheets. The second "advanced" set is also three sheets and has more detailed views of each component of the superstructure.  The final sheet is in 1:50 scale and shows close up details of all the weapons and accessories, such as the rangefinders, cranes, anchors, etc.
This sheet includes mulible views of the aft main gun turret, aft superstructure, life boats, and the main mast from a variety of angles. Having these views without other parts overlapping really helps define what is in each area of the ship.
The forward superstructure, two forward main gun turrets, and varius platforms are shown on this sheet. The platforms even include underside views.
The last sheet has the medium guns mounts, cranes, directors, and radar assemblies again from all angles clearly showing all the fine details.

All drawings are 10 feet long by 3 feet tall, with the exception of the final sheet, which is just under 12 feet long.  Each set costs $35 US and $13 for shipping and packaging anywhere in the continental US.  International shipping will be at cost.  Buy both sets and shipping is still $13.  Heck buy five or six, and it will probably be the same. 

All drawings will be shipped parcel post in a 36" shipping tube, which is included in the cost.  Please don't ask me to fold them, I am not any good at it, and I'll charge the same price for shipping anyway  (in other words just don't ask :) ).  Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you are interested, please send me an e-mail at