Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Just in time for the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Ray Bean of Still Motion Photographic has a new photo DVD that covers that event. Included on the DVD are images of the ships that were there including images before the attack, during the attack and afterwards. Most of the major players are covered.
The images on the CD are are a variety of sizes and quality and range in size from 100 kilobytes to 10 plus megs and sizes typically around 3600 pixels wide. To view the images just pop in the DVD and display them using your computers file browser just like images on your hard drive. 
There is good coverage of the base and facilities and a few drawings and renderings showing the Arizona at different time periods. As a bonus there is a special section that features Loren Perry's USS Arizona model. 

This is Volume 82  with a list price of $25. A nice price for a DVD with over 350 high resolution images. While I have seen all of these images before from various sources, it is nice to have them on one handy DVD. 

Ray D. Bean has an extensive line with many volumes of photo CD's available. There are other titles on US Navy Destroyers and many other Nationalities. If you like to super detail your ships, then this is just the tool you need.