Still Motion Photographics review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
If your building one of the new Dragon USS Gearing or one of the other Gearing or Sunmner Class DD's on the market you will be interested in this new photo DVD from Ray Bean of Still Motion Photographics. This one covers the Sumner Gearing class from WW2 to Viet Nam including the post war FRAM conversions. 
The images on the DVD are mostly print quality and range in size from 32 kilobytes to 10 plus megs and sizes typically around 3600 pixels wide. To view the images just pop in the DVD and display them using your computers file browser just like images on your hard drive. 
There are also some plans and drawings that show the differences and upgrades that the class received. Radar fits and the differences in the weapons are illustrated and most all of the photos include captions to identify what is being shown. 

This is Volume 57 Gearing and Sumner Class for $25. A nice price for a DVD with over 450 high resolution images. Ray D. Bean has an extensive line with many volumes of photo CD's available. There are other titles on US Navy Destroyers and many other Nationalities. If you like to superdetail your ships, then this is just the tool you need.