Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Fletcher class destroyer is considered by many to be the best wartime destroyer in US service. They served all over during World War Two and well beyond into the Cold War years. This new DVD from Still Motion Photographics includes a wide variety of images showing these destroyers from their beginnings to their end. It shows some ships in the builders yards, and even photos of the museum ships that have been preserved. There are also camo sheets and a pdf set of plans for the USS Sigsbee featuring plan and elevation and many interior views and deck levels. 
There are 329 images on the DVD and most are print quality. They range in size from 94 kilobytes to 4 plus megs and sizes typically around 3600 pixels wide. To view the images just pop in the CD and display them using your computers file browser just like images on your hard drive. 
The image on the right was resized to make it easier to view on the web. I cropped out a section of the image at it's original size to show a portion of the image actual size relative to the resized web version. 

Currently  Ray D. Bean has 20 volumes of photo DVD's available. There are other titles on the destroyers and many other US Navy subjects. If you like to superdetail your ships, then this is just the tool you need. This one runs $22 and is available direct from Still Motion Photographics. A must have for the Fletcher class model builder. The plans alone make this a great value.