Still Motion Photographics review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Hit on the heels of Dragons 1/350 and 1/700 Benson/Gleaves destroyers, Ray Bean has come out with this photo DVD on the subject. This is a class of ships that had a huge variety of configurations. His new DVD includes prewar, early, mid and late war fits of both Benson and Gleaves classes. 
The images on the CD are print quality and range in size from 48 kilobytes to 5 plus megs and sizes typically around 3600 pixels wide. To view the images just pop in the CD and display them using your computers file browser just like images on your hard drive. There are overall views, and plenty of close ups that show the weapons and fittings on these ships. 

This particular volume has 165 images, with some in full color. While many of these images are available in other books or on the web, it is particularly handy to have them all together on this DVD. This is Volume 63 Benson Gleaves Class USN DD for just $22. Currently  Ray D. Bean has many volumes of photo DVD's available. There are other titles on the other destroyer classes and many other US Navy subjects. It is available direct from Still Motion Photographics. A must have for the Benson-Gleaves class model builder.