US 110' Subchasers in Action
cover art
by T. Garth Connelly
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Yet another In Action book by Squadron Signal Publications. This one by T. Garth Connelly covers the 110' Sub Chasers of the first and second world war.
The book begins with history and background on these SC-1 class boats. The photos are larger and sharper than in past Squadron books. The include some really nice construction photos and examples of the various fits these boats had over the years. There are quite a few line drawings of the boats and the weapons used. The drawings are rather large and have no noted scales. In the case of the plan and elevation views of various boats, the plan view is angled to allow for a larger footprint on the page. Personally I would prefer to have my views all the same scale, even if it means that they are somewhat smaller. The usual color profiles are included and these are nicely rendered showing typical paint schemes. 

There are lots of close up views showing parts of the boats in great detail. These will be very helpful to the modeler. Many of these photos are full page and all are captioned to note the important features shown. The author gives a good overview on how these boats were used in the various theaters of operation. 

This is one of Squadrons better books for modelers. The photos are larger and crisper, and the material is better researched. The drawings while nicely drawn are marred by poor placement and lack of a noted scale. However this will still prove to be a handy resource for the building an SC such as the one in the Loose Cannon Small Combatants kit. You should be able to find this book at your local hobby store or favorite online ship shop. Thanks to T. Garth Connelly for the review sample. Watch for more from Garth in the future.