Squadron Signal Publications
Fleet Air Arm
British Carrier Aviation 1939-1945
cover art
By Ron Mackay
color by Don Greer

At first glance this book may look out of place on a Ship Modeling website. But after a look through the pages you will see that it is very appropriate especially if your interested in Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers. This book is a great introduction to the Carrier Air Wings of the Royal Navy.

This book covers all aspects of British Naval Aviation, from the Seaplanes to the Air Wings that the big carriers operated. Even land based Naval Aviation is addressed. There are the some great pictures of catapult equipped armed merchant ships. Note the Hawker Hurricane being launched in the example on the right. There is a wide variety of ships featured in this book, even the visiting USS Wasp in shown. Fleet Carriers and US built Escort Carriers are covered. 
There are eight pages of color profiles like the sample on the right showing all types of aircraft that served in the Royal Navy. Don Greer has done an outstanding job with the color and markings for a wide variety of aircraft. The markings for the different theaters of operation are all shown. 
You will find quite a few interior views of the hanger decks on some carriers. These are a very helpful to those who love super detailing. There are a number of above deck photo's also including some aircraft mishaps. All photo's are well caption and Ron Mackay does a good job of explaining the significance of each one. Though this book has a lot of pictures, it also has a lot of text covering the history of the Naval Air Arm and the events of World War Two
The rare color photo's on the back cover are a real plus. There are about 150 photo's and 40 color profiles in this 64 page 8-1/2" x 11" soft cover book. It has a retail price of $14.95, though you will usually find it on sale in the Monthly Squadron Flyer. There are a lot of books that cover specific aspects of the Royal Navy in more detail, but they don't give you an overview of the entire operation like this does. It's a great introduction to the the Air Wings of the Royal Navy, I would recommend it for the modeler and Historian alike. 
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