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Yet another In Action book by Squadron Signal Publications. This one, Warships Number 23 is by Robert C. Stern gives a good overview of the German Battleships of the second world war.
From the Deutschland class to the Bismarck Class, each ship of the class is documented in photo's and text, with some nice drawings included. The introduction gives a good overview of German Navy battleship development and the careers of each ship is pretty well covered. The illustrations by Darren Glenn are pretty good with many of the distinctive features noted and most of the ships compared over time.

The photo's are not bad, but many are a little dark. The selection of photo's is good selection of the ships featured in action and in port. The coverage of each specific ship should give you a good idea of how they were fitted and help you in modeling the subjects.

My favorite feature, the centerfold, shows some of the ships in camo. These are nicely done and include the float planes, which are also covered in their own section of the book.

There are over 100 photo's, line drawings, 6 full color profile paintings, three color cover paintings in this 50 pages 8-1/2" x 11" soft cover book. It has a retail price of $11.95 a pretty good price. I have been somewhat critical of previous Squadron books, but this one appears to be an improvement in both quality and accuracy. It is not to be considered the ultimate reference on any one ship, but rather a good overview of German Navy Battleships. If you are interested in a specific subject, you might want to get a book dedicated to that ship such as those offered by Classic Warships.

Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample. Be sure to check out their extensive line Naval Book subjects.


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