Squadron Signal Publications
US Escort Carriers in Action
Warship #9
Squadron Signal publications has been producing modelers reference books for over 20 years. They have a pretty thorough line of books covering various classes of ships. This one is dedicated to the Escort Carriers, the little "Jeep" carriers that roamed the two oceans combating Hitler's U-boat menace and even engaging Imperial Japanese Navy Battleships and Cruisers at the Battle of Samar. The book begins with a history of carrier development and covers the high points of Escort Carriers in the many roles they served in, including the two scenarios mentioned above. 
There are a number of photo's of many of the different carriers covering the Second World War years and their service afterwards. Plan and elevation drawing show the different classes of Escort Carriers and illustrate the upgrades they received in weapons and radar. Aircraft deployed are also depicted as well as several great photo's showing some of the escort carriers in one of their roles as aircraft transports. If you want something to do with that US Aircraft set that we reviewed then place them on your escort carrier.
My favorite feature of the "In Action" books are the great centerfolds, elevation drawing of some of the ship classes nicely illustrated to give the modeler an idea of the camouflage patterns used.
From cover to cover you will find many useful illustrations and photo's of Escorts from their initial deployment to their more modern appearances. At a relatively low cost this book represents a great value for anyone interested in building some of the great Escort Carrier kits out there such as the Tamiya CVE.

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