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USS Saratoga
Squadron At Sean
by David Doyle

Reviewed by Sean Hert
March 2013
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Squadron's latest book in the Squadron At Sea series is a work concering the USS Saratoga, by David Doyle. This book is even bigger than the last- a whopping 160 pages! It is packed with information and pictures in the familiar chronologiclal format, starting with an introduction, and leading to construction and launching images. These are followed by a section on commissioning, and then following the long career of Saratoga up to her being expended during the Operation Crossroads test, and existant today as a dive site.

Mr. Doyle has compiled a work using a vast array of sources, from the National Archives to various museums across the country. These pictures are mostly black and white, with a few color shots and line drawings scattered about. The images Mr. Doyle uncovers are always impressive; he not only documents the changes in the ship through refits and damage repairs, but also documents the changes in the air wing, air operations and crew life.

The photographs reproduced here are generally very crisp and clear.


Another great example by Squadron of the new direction these reference books are taking.This book is Highly Recommended!

This reference is available from numerous sources, in both softback and hardbound editions. The softback has an MSRP of $29.95.