cover art
USS Lexington
Squadron At Sea
by David Doyle

Reviewed by Sean Hert
April 2013
cover art

Following closely after Squadron's book on the USS Saratoga, comes a companion volume on her sistership, the USS Lexington. Like the other works in this series, it was authored by David Doyle, with cover art by Don Greer, and interior line illustrations by Melinda Turnage. Interestingly, the line illustrations included have been printed in sepia instead of black.

This book on Lexington follows the same chronological format as the other volumes in the Squadron at Sea series. Heavy on the photos, the book documents the initial construction as a battlecruiser, conversion to aircraft carrier, her pre-war career, and her loss in 1942.

The high-quality photos illustrate the changes Lexington experienced during her lifetime, in both fit and complement. Also included are photos documenting the time she served as an emergency power station for Tacoma Washington in 1929, as a drought had caused water levels to fall below the minium threshold for the hydroelectric generators to utilize.

While the bulk of the book deals with Lexington prior to World War Two, the events of her final days are documented in the final pages, from the removal of the deck-mounted 8" gunhouses on her flight deck to her final sortie and sinking at the Battle of the Coral Sea, 8 May 1942.

The photographs reproduced here are generally very crisp and clear.


Another great example by Squadron of the new direction these reference books are taking. This book is Highly Recommended!

This reference is available from numerous sources, in both softback and hardbound editions. The softback has an MSRP of $24.95.