Squadron Signal Publications
US Light Cruisers in Action
Warship #12

By Al Adcock Color by Don Greer
Illustrated by Richard Hudson, and Ernesto Cumpian.
Warship Number 12, US Light Cruisers in Action is a welcome addition to the Squadron In Action series. All classes that served in World War Two are covered, and some of the postwar developments and rebuilds as well. This book covers the history of the cruiser and the highlights of each class of cruiser. 
Probably one of the first things I do when I get one of these books is open it up to the centerfold (old habits die hard). There you will find the wonderful color elevation prints showing some of the ships in very realistic views. The profile of the Birmingham shows here with the scarred paint she wore after her Incident with the Princeton.
I  have to take issue with the view of the Honolulu, as she is shown with a MS 32/2c paint scheme, but didn't receive that measure until after she underwent a major rebuilding that drastically changed her superstructure from what is shown in the illustration.
There are plenty of photo's, almost 100 in all, that will help you decide what details your ship had. Beside the photo's there are about 20 different ordinance and fitting drawings in 3D format as well as several drawing that illustrate the differences in the classes of cruisers. Radar's, catapults, and even the different aircraft that operated aboard them are also illustrated. 
The excellent cover art (front and back) is by Don Greer, who has a definite knack for "In Action" views, just take a look at the view of the USS Juneau blazing away on the back cover, and you will see what I mean. For a list price of only $9.95 these books represent a great value for Models who need a little background on their ships.

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