Squadron Signal Publications
US Heavy Cruisers in Action Part 2
cover art
By Al Adcock
color by Don Greer, illustrated by Andrew Probert
Squadron Signal publications has released the sequel to it's US Heavy Cruisers in Action Part 1. This one picks up where that one left off with the last of the Treaty cruisers. This book gives an overview of the classes from the Wichita onward. An introduction to history of Cruiser development is given so the reader will have an overview of the concept of the Heavy Cruiser and it's role in the US Navy. On the cover Don Greer has once again provided us with a great illustration showing the USS Baltimore blazing away at Luzon. Maybe we can talk Squadron into making these available by themselves in the future.
As with the other books in the series this one has a lot of drawings of the various classes. The drawing on the right shows several of those classes together. Missing is the Des Moines class, which would have been a better choice for the illustration then the Oregon City. I would have also liked to see a separate section for Oregon City, and Des Moines classes as well. The differences are discussed somewhat in the text and photo's but I think they really warrant their own section.
 There are a number of photo's that show each of the classes in a number of different settings. In Action shots and after action photo's are included. There are plenty of perspective views of the weapons and fittings carried by these ships. Some of the illustrations are somewhat redundant such as on  12 and 13 where the Baltimore class is compared with the Wichita and Oregon City class. 
Color profiles are included for the centerfold showing the Wichita, Quincy, Canberra, Boston, Rochester, and Guam in different Camouflage measures, half of which is shown on the right. The profiles of the Guam show both sides as does the Wichita and Canberra.
 The Alaska class was really a Battle cruiser but is included in this book showing the details of the class. Guided missile conversions of the Heavy Cruisers are also covered showing some of the ships such as the Albany. Also helpful is the drawings of the missile launchers and the missiles used on some of these conversions. 
The seaplanes and helicopters that operated are documented, photographically and in line drawings. 

There are over 150 illustrations in this 50 page 8-1/4" x 11" soft cover book,  with a retail price of $9.95, it's a good introduction to the various Heavy Cruiser classes.

Special thanks to Squadron Mail Order for providing the sample for review. Don't forget to check out the new look of their website, with online search and a shopping cart for your convenience.

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