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USS Texas
Squadron At Sean
by David Doyle

Reviewed by Sean Hert
February 2013
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Squadron's latest book in the Squadron At Sea series is a work concering the USS Texas, by David Doyle. This book is, compared to most Squadron books, massive, coming in at 152 pages! It is packed with information and pictures in the familiar chronologiclal format, starting with an introduction, and leading to construction and launching images. These are followed by a section on commissioning, and then following the long career of Texas to her new life as a museum ship in 1948.

Mr. Doyle has compiled a work using a vast array of sources, from the National Archives to the USS Texas State Historical site. He has collected over 350 photographs from these sources, along with line drawings, color plates and even some color photographs, all illuminating this ship's history. While most images of interest to modellers are external, there are still some great internal views of quarters and areas damaged due to both accident and to enemy action. There are also some great shots show the various aviation complements Texas has had over the years from Sopwith Camels, drones and OS2U's.

The photographs reproduced here are generally very crisp and clear. A few of the older ones show some damage, indicated these are reproductions from prints and not from original negatives.


Another great example by Squadron of the new direction these reference books are taking.This book is Highly Recommended!

This reference is available from numerous sources, in both softback and hardbound editions. The softback has an MSRP of $29.95.