Squadron/Signal Detail in Action
B-25/PBJ-1 Mitchell
by David Doyle

 Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
August 2022

Squadron Signal Publications has sent along it's first new "Detail In Action" book, from the new Squadron location in Georgia.   The "Detail In Action" series includes all the best parts from the "In Action" and the "Walk Around" series combined into one book.  This 136 page volume covers the legendary B-25 Mitchell, which was also used, as the PBJ-1, by the Navy and Marine Corp (hence its being reviewed on a ship modeling website). 

The B-25 was a development of North American's earlier NA-40/NA40B, which was built in response to a US Army Air Corp proposal for a light attack bomber.   The plane was destroyed in a crash in April, 1939, and the contract went to Douglas, who built the A-20 Havoc,.  North American, in response to another Air Corp proposal for a twin-engine medium, continued to develop the concept, which evolved into the model NA-62.  In August 1939, the Air Corp put in an order for over 180 of the type, now designated the B-25.   Almost 10,000 B-25s - in at least 9 models - were produced, serving cross the globe as a medium bomber, low level skip bomber and gunship.  It's major claim to fame came from it's use in the "Doolittle Raid", when 16 B-25Bs were launched from the deck of the American aircraft carrier Hornet (CV-8), to carry out their audacious raid on the Japanese home islands.   The aircraft was also field modified in the Southwest Pacific by the legendary "Pappy" Gunn, sporting multiple machine guns and even a 75mm cannon in the nose.  

This book is laid out with an introduction and then subsequent sections on each major variant of the Mitchell:   B-25, B-25A, B-25B, PBJ-1C and so forth.   There's also sections with lots of great detail photos of a few restored/airworthy B-25s:  a D, H, and J model.  In total, there are over 300 photos in the book, many of which are in original color.   You'll also find some color profiles of various aircraft throughout the book.  click to
enlarge images

This is a very nice, high quality book from Squadron Signal Publications, and a nice way for them to reboot their series of books.  It has good info and tons of fine pictures, including many original World War II color photos, as well as many color photos of restored examples of the aircraft.   There's also nice photos - again, some in color - of the Navy/Marine PBJ-1 version.   I spoke to the new owner of Squadron Hobbies - Brandon Lowe - at the 2022 IPMS USA National Convention, and he said this is just the first in a series of books that are in the pipeline.  

If you are a fan of this famous and versatile medium bomber, or even just a World War II aviation enthusiasts, you'll want to add this book to your  reference library.  Highly recommended. 

This is B-25 Mitchell Detail in Action, written by David Doyle and published by Squadron Signal Publishing, ISBN 978-0-89747-003-2.   The book retails for $26.95, and is available to order directly from Squadron Hobbies, who I'd like to thank for for this review sample.