Snyder and Short Enterprises
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Ship modelers can be the most obsessive when it comes to accurate paint colors. That is why Snyder and Short Enterprises have designed this set for the ship modeler. This set covers the Japanese Navy in WW2. While they didn't use camouflage to the extent that the US Navy did, they did have some distinct paint colors including a slightly different shade for each of the four ship yards. The set includes the greens used on late war Aircraft carriers. Also included are Deck Tan and Linoleum. The latter is not a paint color but the molded color of the Linoleum used by the Japanese Navy. 
This set contains 10 chips on a single sheet and covers the following colors:
  • Sasebo Naval Arsenal Gray
  • Kure Naval Arsenal Gray
  • Maizuru Naval Arsenal Gray
  • Yokosuka Naval Arsenal Gray
  • Type 1 Camouflage 
  • Type 2 Camouflage
  • Type 21 Camouflage
  • Type 22 Camouflage
  • Deck Tan
  • Linoleum
The instructions give a listing of vessels that were painted in the various shipyards during different periods to help you choose which color to go with.
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These paint chip are actual painted patches using real paint, not simply printed colors. Printing technology today falls short of being able to consistently match colors, so this is the best method to reproduce the colors. The cards themselves are 8-1/2" x 11" heavy stock with individual colors painted on self adhesive patched that are then applied to the card. I keep mine in sheet protectors in a binder for handy reference. 

While some modelers may argue that you need to incorporate "scale effect" in you paint scheme, you will still need a starting point and these chips provide just that. 

This set is available directly from Snyder and Short via the website or from well stocked hobby shops for around $14.00.