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Kriegsmarine WW II Ship Colors Paint Chip set #2
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Many advanced modelers are concerned about accuracy when building a ship. Another item often overlooked is accuracy in colors. There are many brands of paint out there with many different shades and few are accurate. One way to ensure that your ship is painted in the proper colors is to use this paint chip set. This set is a follow-up to the first Kriegsmarine color set with added colors. Snyder and Short have gone to great lengths to provide the ultimate reference for these colors. 
Note from the Snyder and Short:
Designed for the ship modeler as well as for the naval historian or maritime artist, this first Kriegsmarine paint chip set has been carefully matched to RAL color cards or mixed according to documentary sources.

A caveat about this first Kriegsmarine color set. We have had to rely on the limited original sources available. We used research materials generated by Flak Pletscher, the autors Jung/Abendroth/Kelling and their book Anstriche und Tarmanstriche der deutschen Kriegsmarine, second edition, and archival chips and material sent to the RAL Institute by Wilhemshaven. The colors in the ATDK book are based on an examination of color cards returned to the Bundesarchive by the Russians in the 1990s. We have used cross-references of the World War 2 colors to the RAL colors. All colors were matched to eliminate metamerism and will therefore match the original in any light.

Finally, German paints emphasized durability and chemical resistance over color fidelity. The modeler thus has some poetic license when matching colors for his or her models.

This set contains 20 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:
Camouflage Paints for Ships on the Open Sea
  • 30 Weiss
  • 31.1 Hellgrau 
  • 32.1 Nebelgrau
  • 32.2 Blaugrau, mittel 
  • 32.3 Blaugrau, dunkel 
  • 33.1 Hellblau
  • 33.3 Dunkelblau 
  • 34.3 Graugrün, Dunkel

Camouflage Paints for Ships in Coastal Waters

  • 31.4 Steingrau
  • 33.2 Mittel Blau
  • 35.1 Hellgrün
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Camouflage Paints for Ships in Coastal Waters (continued)
  • 35.3 Dunkelgrün
  • 36.1 Hell Braun
  • 36.3 Dunkel Braun 
Petrol-Proof Coatings
  • 58 Schickgrau
  • 58.1 Blaugrau
  • 58.2 Blauschwarz 
Other Colors:
  • 10 Deckfarbe Braun Persenning Farbe
  • 11 Deckfarbe Grün, Chromgrün
  • 12 Deckfarbe Ockergelb
A single page instruction sheet is included with a list of colors and notes about them.
These paint chip are actual painted patches using real paint, not simply printed colors. Printing technology today falls short of being able to consistently match colors, so this is the best method to reproduce the colors. Don't try to match them by what is shown on screen here, as the average monitor can not match the colors accurately.  The cards themselves are 8-1/2" x 11" heavy stock with individual colors painted on self adhesive patched that are then applied to the card. I keep mine in sheet protectors in a binder for handy reference. 

I might mention the besides modelers, this set would be great for Naval Artists, and Historians. If you have any questions about this set or others log onto forum located in the link below.