Upcoming Ship Craft books 
ShipCraft 5: Japanese Heavy Cruisers - Myoko & Takao Classes
by Steve Backer

This volume is devoted to the largest, fastest and most powerful heavy 
cruisers of their era. With their unusual lines, massive superstructures and heavy 
armament, they have proved a popular challenge for modelers, as well as drawing 
a large interest in their war history. As with past ShipCraft books, this 
will follow the format of half historical and half modeling throughout the volume.

ShipCraft 6: German S-Boats
by Steve Wiper

Operating in coastal waters, the offensive Schnellboot, or S-Boats, called 
E-Boats for Enemy Boats, by the Allies, were highly effective craft and were 
used in almost all theaters of the Second World War. These combat vessels could 
be found in the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the North 
Atlantic coasts, though their main operational area was considered the English 
Channel and the North Sea where they attacked coastal shipping during daring 
night raids. They were considered one of the best of their type and respected by 
all who faced them.

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