cover art
and her sisters
Olympic and Britannic
by Peter Davies-Garner

Reviewed by Sean Hert
cover art

In this 18th volume of the Shipcraft series, the topic turns to the first non-warships of this series. As the rear of the book states, "Titanic needs no introduction - indeed, she has been described as the most famous ship in the world...."

While Titanic is a perennial favorite of model builders, her sisters are sadly less-well represented. This book looks to help remedy this defect, discussing the various differences between Titanic, Olympic and Britannic, as well as short histories of each ship. This book is not, however, a detailed "how-to" guidebook for converting a Titanic into one of her sisters. It is a great companion piece, or place to start planning your conversion.

Book Contents

  • Design and History
  • Model Products
  • Accessories
  • Modelmakers's Showcase
  • Schemes
  • Appearance and Alterations
  • Plans
  • Selected References

Scans are reduced quality.

One of the great things about references like this are the construction shots, which are usually absent from the more storied histories available about civilian ships. As expected, the early pictures of these ships are a great focal point of specific details aboard, and the text fills in details as well.

Another pleasant find in this volume are the color plates, showing Olympic in one of her dazzle schemes, and Britannic painted in the hospital ship scheme, as at the time she was lost.

The Modeler's Showcase has a nice selection of models, with various scales and appearances- including a number of wrecked/sunk options.


This edition of the series really demonstrates the versatility and utility of these books. Titanic is a very popular subject, and with the military tie-ins available, more of these ships will be modeled in the future. Highly Recommended!

Titanic and her sisters Olympic and Britannic is available from Seaforth Publishing (an imprint of Pen and Sword books) or from one of their resellers. Prices vary. Thanks to Seaforth for this review sample.