Shipcraft #16
Admiral Hipper
Class Cruisers
by Steve Backer
reviewed by Timothy Dike
This new Shipcraft book on the German Hipper Class Cruisers covers the five ships in the class. Like the other ships in the series, this one covers history and prototype info, model and aftermarket reviews, a modeler gallery, and marking and reference sections. 

While the Prinz Eugen is the most well known of the bunch, this book also sheds light on the Hipper, and Blucher. Also covered are the unfinished Seydlitz and Lutzow that was sold to Russia. 

The photographs in the book are nicely reproduced and the author has done a very nice job of documenting their design, and histories. The reviews cover all of the known kits and accessories that are available. 
The gallery features some of the best modelers out there with plenty of full color pictures. Color plan and elevations views show the ships in the various camouflage measures that they wore throughout their careers. There is even plenty of nice detail views that show close ups of the ships and their float planes. 
This is a great book for modelers and historians alike. It will not only help you build a better cruiser, it will help you decide which kit to start with and how to finish it. 

This is Shipcraft #16 Admiral Hipper Class Cruisers  ISBN 978-1-84832-062-8 with a US Retail of $ 24.00. You can get it and the entire Shipcraft series in the US direct from Classic Warships