Shipcraft #14
Class Battleships
by Steve Wiper

reviewed by Timothy Dike

Oh no not another Yamato book!?! I know that is what most of you are thinking just that. But you can't ignore this volume on the largest battleship in the world. This one written by Steve Wiper is one of the best shipcraft books to come out. It covers the Yamato class from their building hidden from the Western world to their inglorious ends. New light is shed on these secret weapons of the Imperial Japanese Navy with lots of history, and design info.
The modelers section features kit reviews of the various kits on the market and even the aftermarket upgrades. These will give you a good idea of which ship and even which scale to chose if you want to build one of these monster ships. The modelers gallery features some of the best builds I have seen of the ships by some of the best modelers. There is even photo coverage of the 1:1 model set from the movie set and photos of the wreck of the Yamato diorama.
There are 64 pages with half in color including some really nice painting guides. Drawing shows how the anti aircraft fit increased for the ships as the war progressed. 

This is a great book for modelers and historians alike. If you thought you already knew everything about these ships, you better guess again.  
This is ShipCraft #14 - Yamato Class Battleships by Steve Wiper ISBN #978-1-84832-045-1 with a retail price of USA $23.95 US. A great price for an all in one collection of history, photos, reviews, and reference material on these mighty battleships.

This one is available in the US direct from Classic Warships. Check their website for this and other Ship Craft books.