Shipcraft #11
British Destroyers
A-1 And Tribal Classes
by Les Brown

reviewed by Timothy Dike

Shipcraft has released number 11 in it's series of books for ship modelers. This one covers British Destroyers of World War Two. Specifically the A-1 and Tribal Class. Written by Les Brown it features the typical Shipcraft mix of historical photos and history. The book includes an overview on British Destroyers and includes a list of construction details on the classes. The photos help illustrating the differences in the classes and additional charts cover their technical characteristics, armament and fates. Photos of the museum ship HMCS Haida show weapons and fittings in great detail. The many modifications to the ships is also documented showing how the ships changed over time.

The kit review section includes over 50 photos of the various kits that have been made. Box art and kit contents are shown for most. A full color gallery of ship models is my favorite section with some of the best modelers representing many different scales are featured. 
There are a number of color camouflage profiles and line drawings provided by George Richardson that will be useful to the modeler. 

This is Shipcraft #11 British Destroyers A-1 And Tribal Classes by Les Brown with a list price of $22.00 US. The book is 64 pages, with over 160 photos, 15 camouflage profiles, and 12 line drawings.  I have to confess I know very little about British Destroyers, so I am don't feel qualified to discuss  the books accuracy. It looks like a handy reference to help you decide which kit is right to build your own recreation of these British Destroyers. 

This one is available in the US direct from Classic Warships. Check their website for this and other Ship Craft books.