Shipcraft #9
Kongo Class Battlecruisers
by Steve Wiper

reviewed by Timothy Dike

Just in time to help you build your favorite Kongo Class Battlecruiser, Ship Craft #9 Kongo Class Battlecruisers is here. This book by Steve Wiper covers the four ships of the Kongo class, Kongo, Hiei, Kirishima, and Haruna. The history of each ship is covered with a summary of their design and careers, as well as details of variations and modifications between them. There are line drawings and high quality color illustrations of their camouflage painting showing them at various times during their careers. The images are of very good quality and many I have not seen before in print.
The section on modeling covers the kits and accessories available for each ship. The reviews will give you a good idea of which kit you can use to build the most accurate model in your chosen scale and what aftermarket details are available. A gallery showcases some of the best examples of built up models by some of the best modelers out there. 

This book is a great reference work that will help you decide which kit you want to build and how much work will be needed to build it. It will help you identify the differences between the four sister ships. It is a handy reference to have for the modeler and historian alike. This book is softcover with 64 pages overall, 32 of which are in color. Retail is $22.00 US available direct from Classic Warships. Check their website for this and other Ship Craft books.